Sightings of rare birds in Romania

In 15.march.2009 Emanuel Baltag together with Petrescu Eugen and Ion Constantin observed 15 Cranes (Grus grus) near Agighiol (Tulcea county).

In the same days (15.march.2009) near Socodor (Arad county) Cranes (Grus grus) were observed by Luca Dehelean, Andreea Sandu. They observed near Zimandu-Nou (Arad county) also a young male of Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus).

In 11.march.2009 Szabo Jozsef (and before Jozsef si Asztalos Barni) between other species observed at Sanpaul (HR) was an exemplar of Spotted Eagle (Aquila clanga).

In 10.march.2009 Attila Nagy has observed at Cefa (BH county) 51 Crane (Grus grus).

In 8.march.2009 Luca Dehelean, Andreea S., Attila Nagy and Arthur Botos did some observation on the dams situated on Crisul Repede River. One young male (first winter) of Velvet Scoter (Melanitta fusca) was observed.

In 8.march.2009 in Calimani Mountain Szilard Daroczi, Gertrud Daroczi and Hegyeli Zsolt have installed several nest boxes for Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium passerinum) and also observed/photographed/filmed the species in two cases.

In 27.february.2009 near Histria Fortress one exemplary of Asio flammeus (Ciuf de câmp / Short-eared Owl) was seen by Sebastian Bugariu, Ciprian Fantana and Jozsef Szabo. They also searched there for an exemplar of Calcarius lapponicus (Presură de tundră / Lapland Bunting) that was seen in 25th.  Check for more here.

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  1. What about the alleged sighting of a pair of Gypaetus barbatus that appeared in Romanian press? Was it confirmed? I know that it’s a matter of high interest for you… 🙂

  2. that observation was made by hunter that is so good that not a very long ago shoot a fellow hunter…

    probably was a pair of black stork (Ciconia nigra) that were observed there later by other persons…

    also that area is not suitable for that species. 😉


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